Pattern Grading Bootcamp

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Learn to grade patterns so you can finally hit publish.

You’ve read all the blog posts, now get expert insight on your project.

You’ve tried to grade patterns on your own, but even after reading every blog post you could get your hands on, you’re still left wondering “did I do it right? Am I missing something? What do all of these numbers even mean??” 

Learn to grade knit and crochet patterns with a pro, and kick all that anxiety to the curb.


I’m bringing all the knowledge I’ve gained over the last decade working as a fashion designer and product developer for top brands in New York City to help you understand the grading process and make the technical side of pattern development more enjoyable.


I’ll show you how to work a few simple steps into your existing design or editing process that will make grading patterns a breeze. 

Start making your mark on the fiber industry with more inclusively sized patterns.

Pattern Grading Bootcamp puts you on the fast track to learning how to grade knit and crochet designs. I show you the exact steps you need to take to finally get your patterns out into the world. So you know with certainty that you’re publishing the kind of quality, size inclusive patterns you want to be. I break down the grading process into manageable, repeatable steps for you to use on any design. 

The technical side of pattern development is just as important as the creative side, and learning pattern grading will make the whole process easier and less stressful. 

For designers, learning to grade can:
  • Win you a loyal fanbase who love the fit of your garments.
  • Open your market to more potential customers, meaning more potential sales.
  • Save you time and money in the testing and technical editing process.
  • Help you level up, creatively and take on more ambitious projects.
For technical editors, learning to grade can
  • Set you apart from the competition. Grading isn’t a standard skill most knitting and crochet TE’s have (yet).
  • Expand the services and support you provide to your clients.
  • Let you take on more jobs and increase your rates.

Reclaim your time: stop second guessing yourself.

Maybe you’ve tried other self-study courses and found they weren’t quite right for you. Grading Bootcamp pairs live, small group instruction with directed homework assignments and personalized feedback to keep you on-track and motivated.

What is included?
    • Six weeks of pre recorded classes, released every Monday
    • Weekly live office hours on Thursdays at 7:00 pm ET to answer your questions
    • Access to a private Slack group for support between classes.
    • Detailed grading demos
    • My personal size chart
    • Downloadable worksheets and resources to help you streamline the grading process
    • Personalized feedback on homework assignments
    • Group coaching calls to support your growth after the course ends
  • Bonus: Turning Your Idea Into A Design mini workshop
  • Bonus: Spreadsheet Basics cheat sheet and videos
What Do I Need To Get Started?

Have a design ready that you want to grade. This could be a sketch, a finished sample, or you could bring a finished pattern you want to alter or practice on.

What If I Don’t Have A Design?

As a sign up bonus, you’ll receive my mini-workshop: Turning an Idea into a Design, to make sure you’re ready by the time class starts. 

What If I’m not good with spreadsheets?

I put together a cheat sheet with the functions you’ll use most when grading and writing your pattern. And I show you how to use each one in pre-recorded videos you can reference whenever you need.

Weekly Class Breakdown:

  1. Design Review: Introduce a framework to evaluate your work so you know you’re ready to start grading
  2. How to read/use the size chart: We’ll talk about how measurements relate to each other, common body types, and why different measurements change like they do
  3. Setting up your spreadsheet: The moment of truth! You’ll take everything you learned in weeks 1 and 2 and put it into practice on your design.
  4. Spreadsheets part 2: This will be a hybrid live/recorded class where I demonstrate exactly how I approach grading different types of garments.  
  5. Troubleshooting: We’ll tackle fit issues with common sweater constructions and make sure everyone’s designs are coming along.
  6. Testing best practices and working collaboratively: do you need to test every size? What to do if testers want to modify the design?  How do you know it’s time to modify the fit of a garment?


By the end of these six weeks, you will have a finished pattern that will be ready for technical editing and testing. After that, we switch to bi-weekly group coaching sessions so you can continue your growth with the support you need.


The world of yarn crafts needs people like you to step up, learn to grade, and help bring about a more inclusive fiber arts industry. Size inclusivity is only a slice of that, and learning to grade is an important action to take in order to create this new reality.

A new way to think about garments.

If you’re ready to conquer your fears of grading and spreadsheets, to improve your offerings to potential clients, and be part of a movement for positive change in the yarn craft industry, click the button below.I hope you’ll join us.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Julie

I’m a fashion designer and product developer who specializes in knitwear. I have over a decade of experience working for top brands in New York City. Since 2019, I’ve helped designers and technical editors like you learn to grade knit and crochet patterns. 

I know how hard it can be to start grading your own designs. There isn’t much information available for people who are interested in writing knitting and crochet patterns. And what is available can be completely overwhelming if you are just starting out. The truth is, even in the world of commercial apparel production, pattern grading is a niche skill. 

That’s why I’m offering Pattern Grading Bootcamp. To make this information more accessible to knitters and crocheters. Spreading this knowledge is vital if we want to transform the yarn craft industry by increasing size inclusivity and improving the quality of published patterns. 

I know there are plus size knitters reading this and nodding along because they have a difficult time finding patterns to fit them, and even when they do, they get burned by making a pattern that ends up looking nothing like the sample. I know there are designers reading this and cringing because they know they wrote those patterns, even though they didn’t mean to. And technical editors who are doing the same because they didn’t know how to catch the error. I want to help you end this cycle of anxiety and uncertainty you have around grading. Together, we can build a brighter future for all makers.



Business Insider, Making Magazine, Pom Pom Quarterly.

Selected Clients and Collaborators:

Kate Spade, Tommy Hilfiger, Levis, Target, Knit Collage, Neighborhood Fiber Co, The Wandering Flock, The Fibre Co.


Will recordings of the live sessions be available?

Yes, all live sessions will be recorded and made available to students for repeat viewings. Videos will remain available for at least one year (probably more, but technology changes, I can’t promise forever).

How long will I have access to the course materials?

At least one year, but likely more. Technology changes, so I can’t promise forever. The only reason you would lose access is if I move the course hosting, and I don’t have plans to do that.

When will you be running this class again?

I’m not sure yet. I have a few new projects I’ll be pursuing this year and I don’t know if I’ll be able to fit in another round of Pattern Grading Bootcamp before 2024.

I’m not good at spreadsheets, can I still take this class?

Yes! I’ll walk you through the basics of setting everything up in your app of choice, and share a few tips to make your work easier.

Do you cover how to grade [sweater construction]?

Yes! The process of pattern grading doesn’t actually change for different sweater constructions, or even different crafts like crochet and sewing. I do cover how to deal with common fit issues, and provide video examples of how I approach grading for popular constructions if that’s your concern.

Is this class going to cover accessories too, or just garments?

We’ll touch on accessories, but the focus of the class is on garments. Learning to understand other people’s bodies and becoming comfortable with all the points of measure in a garment is where the big transformation happens for people.

Can I learn how to grade garments by practicing on an accessory design?

You can learn the most basic aspects of grading on an accessory (make it wider! Make it longer!), but if your goal is to improve your understanding of garment grading, then you need to practice on a garment. The thing that makes garment grading more intimidating is there are so many more measurements to take into account, and they can affect each other in different ways as you grade.

I’m an editor, I don’t want to design my own garment. Can I still join?

Yes, I’ll have a few practice projects you can choose from to use during class.

I want to adjust an existing pattern for myself or a friend. Is that ok?

Yes. 🙂

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