Welcome to Design Lab

Turn Your Awesome Idea into a Published Pattern

Design Lab is Open for Enrollment Until October 30th

Publishing a winning pattern starts with having an awesome idea, and I’m sure you have notebooks full of them! But a great idea is just the beginning. You need technical skills to back up that creativity. And a proven system to help you avoid getting stuck along the way. I created Design Lab to give you all that and more.

How does this sound?

  • 8 weeks of Expert guidance on your unique project.
  • A flexible, step-by-step framework to help you stay focused.
  • Easy to follow templates to put your project on the fast track to completion.
  • Strategies to deepen your creative practice and create exciting new designs makers will love.

Sweater Design Demystified 

While I was preparing this course, I laid out every step I take to bring my ideas from thought into reality and I counted over 20 individual actions! So if you’ve ever attempted designing on your own and felt overwhelmed, don’t feel down! Designing your first garment is thrilling but it can be a daunting process, especially your first time through. Now, imagine what it would be like having input from a pro to help you take your ideas from being thoughts into real, wearable garments.

No Nonsense Knitwear Design

Do you want to…

  • Get your work into your favorite magazine?
    • Learn how to translate what’s in your head onto paper, even if you’re “bad” at drawing.
    • See examples of great design submissions.
  • Cut down time from idea to release day.
    • The only thing that should slow you down is your needles.
    • Cut out the indecision.
  • Improve your technical skills and push your creativity to the next level.
    • Demystify the design development process.
    • Learn how to test your ideas so what’s in your head and on the page comes out right.
    • Gain confidence in your unique creative outlook.

I can show you how!

What is included?

  • 8 weeks of pre recorded classes, released every Monday
  • Weekly live office hours on Thursdays at 7:00 pm ET to answer your questions
  • Access to a private Slack group for support between classes
  • Detailed design demos for drop shoulder, raglan, circular yoke, and set in sleeve designs
  • My personal size chart
  • Downloadable worksheets and resources to help you streamline the design process
  • Personalized feedback on your project(s)
  • Bonus: Spreadsheet Basics cheat sheet and videos
  • Bonus: Trends and You workshop
  • Bonus: Access to past office hours recordings

How do I know I’m ready to start designing?

I’ll answer your questions with a few more: Have you knit a sweater? Altered an existing design for yourself or others? Tested a pattern for another designer? If so, then you’re in a great spot to attempt your first sweater design.

What if I don’t have an idea of what to design yet?

I’ll cover this in the course itself. And as a bonus, you’ll also receive my Trends and You workshop to help you start noticing the inspiration that’s floating by you every day. This workshop is all about how to use trends (or not!) in a way that’s authentic to you.

I really need help with pattern grading, is that covered in this course too?

Yes, but it’s not the focus. The focus of Design Lab is just that: Design. You’re often making design decisions while you grade and grading decisions while you design. Such is the cyclical nature of design development. This course includes a pattern grading module, but it doesn’t go nearly as deep as Pattern Grading Bootcamp.

What if I’m not good at drawing?

That’s ok, some of the most talented designers I know are bad at drawing. I’m being totally serious! Plus, there are plenty of other ways to get your vision across, drawing is just one of them. 

Module Topics Include:

  1. Generating Creative Ideas Your Audience Will Love
  2. Planning Your Sweater Design
  3. Selecting Materials + Swatching
  4. Analysis of Sweater Construction Methods
    • Raglan
    • Yoke
    • Drop shoulder
    • Set-in sleeve
  5. Pattern Grading
  6. Pattern Writing + Formatting
  7. Technical Editing + Testing
  8. Pitching Your Work

By the end of these eight weeks, you will have a finished pattern that will be ready for technical editing and testing. After that, we switch to bi-weekly group coaching sessions so you can continue your growth with the support you need to become the confident designer you’ve always wanted to be.


Will recordings of the live sessions be available?

Yes, all live sessions will be recorded and made available to students for repeat viewings.

How long will I have access to the course materials?

At least one year, but likely more. Technology changes, so I can’t promise forever. The only reason you would lose access is if I move the course hosting, and I don’t have plans to do that.

When will you be running this class again?

I haven’t decided yet, but probably spring 2024.

Do you cover pattern grading?

Yes, but the focus of Design Lab is design. You often make design decisions while you grade and grading decisions while you design. Such is the cyclical nature of design development. This course teaches students the basics of grading patterns in an inclusive size range, but it doesn’t go nearly as deep on the topic of sizing as Pattern Grading Bootcamp.

Will you cover accessory design too, or just garments?

At this time I’m not planning on including lessons on accessory construction. But I wouldn’t rule it out for future versions of Design Lab. The other modules will definitely be helpful to you though.

Can crochet designers Take Design Lab?

Yes! The fundamentals of designing a garment are craft agnostic.

I want to design for myself. Is that ok?

Yes, I’m happy to have you!